STAY TUNED NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT DT5G COMING SOON. The last mile solution for autonomous drone delivery.

What is a DroneTerminus?

What is a DroneTerminus? A DroneTerminus (DT) is small piece of hardware the combines multiple sensing technologies with software and communications to provide “third person” perspective to autonomous vehicles (AV) and other systems. This small bit of hardware can be standalone, or integrated into a physical platform designed to interact with Humans and AV.
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Real time remote system monitoring



DroneTerminus is networked and connected



Fleet operators can optimize their organization utilizing the DroneTerminus


The more data available the better decisions you can make.

DroneTerminus is available for partnership with Fleet operators and Drone Manufacturers. Our technology can help ease restrictions currently limiting UAS package delivery and we can customize our product to suit a wide variety of drone designs.

When will it Be Here?

DroneTerminus is a privately held company.
Providing the last mile solution to fleet operators.

We are working on a better way to receive your drone delivered packages. *DroneTerminus LLC is currently available for investment and partnering.

  • Prototype Build 2018

  • Spring 2019

  • Fall/Winter 2018

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