We are the last mile infrastructure solution for autonomous drone delivery.

What is a DroneTerminus?

Think of it as a SMART, internet connected, personal drone helipad appliance that can provide a recharge, transfer files, and monitor a drone’s status while automatically receiving, storing, and securing your packages. We can provide fleet operations the data you need to deliver your packages with no human intervention safely and securely. DroneTerminus is designed with network operators in mind, our software and systems integrate fully with your systems to extend your network and capabilities. For autonomous drone delivery to be a functional platform, precision landing is a necessity. The DroneTerminus allows for multiple technologies to be utilized in the last mile customized and built to your specs inlcuding re-charging platforms and flight software integration. All coordinated real-time between the DroneTerminus, Drone, and Fleet operator. On the go flight plan updating allows for avoiding the potential hazards of inclement weather, accidents, traffic, terrain, etc. Landing an autonomous drone on a meter squared platform presents a difficult proposition without instantaneous feedback.
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Real time system monitoring: Once a package pod is received the DroneTerminus door will close “locking” the appliance. Notification will be sent via the operating system that the package has been successfully received. The DroneTerminus appliance will allow access and pod retrieval either remotely via website/smart phone app/or a numerical code. This will prevent possible loss due to theft or the elements when leaving a package on a doorstep and also allow the receiver to be elsewhere when the package is delivered.



The DroneTerminus is a package receptacle appliance for autonomous delivery drones. A DroneTerminus will be networked and connected to an origination hub as well as interconnected to all other DroneTerminus applicances forming a communication web. The DroneTerminus appliance will be a SMART internet connected device that can be monitored and updated remotely by the fleet operator. The device will be connected via wifi will also communicate directly to the autonomous drone for delivery accuracy.



A fleet operator can optimize and streamline their entire organization utilizing the DroneTerminus. A fleet operator can centrally locate a HUB in major metropolitan areas where autonomous drones can be sent to package receivers all coordinated via the central station to the end DroneTerminus. Using the DroneTerminus Recharge System a fleet operator can leapfrog their drone via other available DroneTerminals and greatly expand their delivery area.


The more data you have available the better decisions you can make. The same applies for autonomous drones. The DroneTerminus appliance augments sense and avoid technology onboard a delivery drone with its own array of multiple sensors and cameras. The latest in thermal imaging and ultrawideband technology will provide real time feedback and hazard detection while reducing the need for additional sensors on the drone allowing for a heavier payload and larger delivery footprint. Real time weather data where and when you need for a safe touch down.

Introducing The DroneTerminus

DroneTerminus is available for partnership with Fleet operators and Drone Manufacturers. Our technology can help ease restrictions currently limiting UAS package delivery and we can customize our product to suit a wide variety of drone designs.

When will it Be Here?

DroneTerminus is a privately held company.
Providing the last mile urban solution and infrastructure for fleet operators.

We are working on a better way to receive your drone delivered packages. Most people work in an office environment and aren't available any time of the day to wait for a drone to deliver a package. The Drone Terminus solution accomplishes safe and secure pickup and delivery of items as well as status notification in a climate controlled environment. *DroneTerminus LLC is currently available for investment and partnering.

  • Prototype Build Spring/Fall 2017

  • Spring 2018

  • Fall/Winter 2017

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